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My School is so Great

During PEH I read a lot. Also I listened to The Golden Compass. I also did Mystery Science. We played with magnets and watched a video about them and got some pretty cool ideas for what to do with magnets. We saw some projects but Nancy didn’t have all the material to do them, but hopefully next week we will have that material. So one of the projects we did do was take a paper clip and tie a small string to it and put a magnet above it and the paper clip will levitate.

Something new I did this week was play basketball. I felt really good when I was reading and writing. Speaking of writing I did writer’s workshop (not during PEH) but it was very fun to write in writer’s workshop. We did an off campus writer’s workshop and an on campus writer’s workshop and they were both very fun.

Next week I plan to do more reading, do more writing, and maybe start the ukele.

(dictated to Nancy)



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