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The Adventurous Week


The NeverEnding Story: I like the story because it is an adventurous story. I get so absorbed in the book that I feel like I’m in it, just like Bastian in the book when he is reading it. He turns out to really be in it.

I played Sardines with the whole school. I thought that was really fun because the whole school was playing it together and I like when that happens.

Gratitude Circle: I love Gratitude Circle because it makes me feel very happy and it makes me feel calm and joyous. And this week we did gratitude outside and it made me feel even more happy because it was a beautiful day.


My friends at school are making a TV show and I am in it. It is really fun to practice and I feel very happy doing it.

I drew and drawing makes me very happy and excited. My drawings had bright colors and dark colors, sparkly colors. The drawings were lines.

I celebrated Louisa’s birthday.


Ella’s Big Chance: I saw a play at the children’s theater. It was called Ella’s Big Chance. It was like Cinderalla, but not completely the same. There was a prince in Cinderella and a duke in this play. In this one Ella made clothes and in the book she did servant stuff. At some parts it was funny, at some parts sad, at some parts happy.

I played Epic Rock Paper Scissors where the whole school found a partner and played rock paper scissors. The person who lost became a cheerleader for them until the last two people did rock paper scissors and the winner became the champion.


I went on one of the best hikes I have ever been on. It is in my top four. We went to the White Water Center. I loved it so much because Jess brought a tree guide and Charlotte brought a wildflower so I could identify leaves and trees and wildflowers.


I walked to The Plaza, mailed something for Nancy, went to Harris Teeter, and went to a clothes store.

It was a great week.

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