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The end of the week

My week


Biztown – I don’t actually do Biztown, but since we had the interviews, I got to help out. I had fun helping because I got to run back and forth calling people for interviews.

NeverEnding Story- You guys know already about the NES from my last blog, so all I’m really going to say was it was good and I love hearing the NeverEnding Story.

I did gratitude circle. I love gratitude circle because I feel like I can express myself in whatever way I want.

Math U See – I love Math U See because it is very fun and I end up feeling like it’s not even math, but I’m still learning math.


NeverEnding Story- you guys already know about that.

Make Sandwiches for the neighbors/homeless at Urban Ministries – I like making sandwiches because I feel like I’m working in a factory and that feels fun. It felt like I was contributing to our neighbors.

Ayan’s around the sun – I don’t have much to say about Ayan’s around the sun because it’s mostly like every other birthday that we do at the school.

Group game – I like group games because it’s where the whole group gets together and plays a game.

Evan’s trip report – If you’re wondering what Evan’s trip report is, he went to see the founder of Amazon, named Jeff Bezos, and he brought stuff back to show everybody.

Hang out with Nancy – I did some stuff with Nancy that was fun.


I watched A Christmas Story which was really fun and funny. I like A Christmas Story a lot because it’s funny and kind of weird, but if you really think about it it’s cool.

Urban Ministries trip – We delivered the sandwiches and got a little tour of Urban Ministries. I felt very grateful that I could come and see them.


Saw the Nutcracker – I loved the Nutcracker. For one, my friend named Isabella was in it. She was a mouse. Second of all, there were really, really good dancers and I loved watching them dance. I also loved the music and the scenery.

Show practice: I like show practice because I am a little sister in the show and I love acting that I am younger than my actual age.

Played Squirrels and Trees (human rights game) and had human rights discussion with Tina – I had fun learning about human rights and the refugees. I learned new things like what human rights are and some about why refugees leave their home countries. I shared at the discussion that I wish that people could just talk things out instead of fighting.


Sewing – I had a lot of fun sewing because I am planning to make a zoo with all the animals I sew. I have a panda, an elephant, and I’m working on a flamingo. Jess, one of the facilitators, gave me a really good idea for the beak of the flamingo.


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