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My Week

During PEH I read, I did mystery science, and I listened to The Golden Compass. We played with magnets and we mixed oil and iron powder and we took droppers and we dropped them into jars of water. We took a magnet and we moved it around the jar so then the iron powder and oil mixed together would come with the magnet. Then we took silly putty and iron powder and mixed it together and tried to turn it black. It was light pink so we couldn’t turn it fully grey. The silly putty did not work the way the guy showed in the video, but it did get attracted by the magnets.

New things I did:

We made a Spanish restaurant in school and the waiters (Nancy and her Spanish friends) only spoke in Spanish for about 40 minutes. They couldn’t understand any English. So we had to order in Spanish and I got Pho (mostly everyone got Pho, if you don’t know what Pho is it’s a Vietnamese soup that has noodles & chicken, and you can put in Siracha).

I walked to a butterfly garden. It was very mosquito-y but very beautiful. I got to see some butterflies, but mostly caterpillars. I got to hold one. I learned the stages of a caterpillar.



  1. NancyT says:

    My favorite thing this week was the Spanish Restaurant! I could see you really thinking about the words and was glad @libby could help you practice how to order so you could feel confident and ready when it was your turn!

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