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My week

Favorite thing: This is a hard question. I really liked writing a song. I also liked playing the ukulele. I have a music lesson today and today was the one day I forgot my ukulele! I got to write a song with Elisha.

This week I learned: A lot! I read little short books on lots of different things. I learned how to write a song. The song doesn’t have a chorus.

Challenges: I was challenged to remember all of the chords on the ukulele. I think I got it all except for one chord.

Next week: I would like to figure out the chords to the song that Elisha and I wrote. I think I can play ukulele to it so I will make up my own chords. Because I got the ukulele so that I could make up my own songs.

I also climbed a tree and I LOVED it! I climb something every day.

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