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My Week

This week I did a lot of physical activities. I biked to Pura Vida which was very fun. I challenged my brain. Someone would drop a ruler and we got to see how long it took my brain to tell my hand to catch it. And the reason why we did it with a ruler was because we got to see how fast we caught it. I also slacklined, I practiced my cartwheels, my handstands, and my handstand backbends. I also did aerial silks.

Activities I did for my mental self were going to Mystery Science and learning about the eye and the pupil and how it works and how the brain controls your body. We finished the Golden Compass on Tuesday and we chose a new book. We chose The Giver. I read to myself. I learning a new language by going to a restaurant and speaking Spanish.

I molded dough and cooked it and painted it.

I cuddled with Jess and I watched Pride & Prejudice.

I learned how to take care of a Hedgehog. I’m thinking about getting a hedgehog when I get older.


(dictated to Nancy)

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