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My Creative Week

This week I did Mystery Science, we did “Could a Mountain Last Forever?” If you want to know, you can read this part, if you do not and want to do the Mystery Science you don’t have to look at the answer. But the answer is: “No, mountains do not last forever.” Mountains don’t last forever because seeds get into the cracks of the rocks and they make trees and plants and then the rock/mountain breaks down into smaller rocks.

I did a tea party with actual sugar cubes, which was fun because I’ve never had tea with sugar cubes before. I climbed a tree with my friends, I did solar pyrography. If you are wondering what solar pyrography is, it’s where you use a magnifying glass to make the beam of the sun sharper to earth and you can burn a design into wood.

We did another Mystery Science on Wednesday. This Mystery Science was “how to survive a landslide.” It didn’t exactly how to survive it, but it taught us now to keep our homes safe if a landslide came. I also did solar pyrography on Wednesday. I did Change Up.

Thursday I made fresh rolls, which was really fun and made me think about opening up a fresh rolls shop. But then I re-thought that and thought about opening a store that had fresh rolls as one of the things it sold. I also did solar pyrography again, and I read my book every day of the week except for Monday.

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