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The First Week of December

On Tuesday I did Reader’s Workshop. Reader’s Workshop is new. If you don’t know about Writer’s Workshop, it is basically the same thing except that you write and go off campus to coffee shops and places that are cozy. But Reader’s Workshop we have just started. It’s the same thing but we don’t go off-campus because we have a cozy couch to read at. I like reading even if there wasn’t any reader’s workshop because I read all the time anyway. But it was great that we got a Reader’s Workshop because then I didn’t have to ask people to go out of the room because they were loud. It was a quiet space that was dedicated for people to read.

The question was in Mystery Science, we were going to figure out how far could a whisper travel. We made little phones out of cups and string. Some people had already done that. I had already done it, but I could barely remember it. It was fun though. I highly suggest doing that one.

Me and Elisha were reading the rest of Wednesday. The book we were reading is called “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.” I also highly suggest reading this. While I was reading the prologue I was hooked. By three days of reading I’m already 35-36% in.

On Thursday I went on the hike. I also played MM while I was on the hike. If you are wondering what MM is, it stands for Monsters and Magic. Monsters and Magic is not your ordinary board game, it uses all imagination. I am not going to tell you anymore, but next week if you comment and ask me to explain more about MM I will do that for a lot of my blog.

On Friday I did Spanish Restaurant and I played a card game called “Go Fish.” Most of you know what Go Fish is but if you don’t, it’s a game where everybody gets 7 cards and you ask for a card to get pairs of 2 or pairs of 4. We played Go Fish, but we did Spanish Go Fish. I’m very excited about learning Spanish. It’s fun to put games in it because when you’re just sitting around practicing it’s not as fun. I like putting games in because it’s easier for us to practice it and easier for us to learn it.

I’m also very excited, Grace Vanderwaal’s new album came out today. If you do not know who Grace Vanderwaal I will be very ashamed of you and I’m not going to tell you about her because you can just find out on Youtube.

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