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On Monday I did Writer’s Workshop. We went to Harris Teeter and I wrote about somebody’s life. I also wrote a little bit about my song. On Tuesday I watched The Giver movie. The Giver was a book and movie club book. I enjoyed it, it was fun to listen to. I went to Anatomy and Physiology and we learned about muscles and bones again. We also did a little bit of massaging. On Wednesday I felted soap. If you are wondering what felting soap is, first we made the soap. Then we pulled strips of wool and I put three strips going side to side and three strips going up and down. I put my soap in the middle and I wrapped all the tips on top of each other. Then we put colored wool and we put it in a stocking, put it in hot water and then we started rubbing it in the hot water. I did mandalas while listening to intermediate math. I played ostrich racing. I can’t explain about ostrich racing because you kinda need to see it instead of being told about it. So if you really want to know what ostrich racing is, tell me in the comments and I will post a picture or a video.

Thursday we went on a hike. We went to the Town Creek Indian Mound. First they explained about the weapons that Native Americans used. You are probably why didn’t she say Indians. We forgot to ask them why they call it Town Creek Indian Mound, but it’s all about Native Americas. Back to the weapons. First they showed us the multitool. It was used to pick berries off of trees by poking them down, digging roots out to eat, fishing if you sharpened it, sort of defending yourself. The next weapon was called an atlatl. It is a device to help some kinds of weapons go farther when you throw them. Then there was, of course, a bow and arrow. The guy explaining about the weapons aimed it at the target, like I would’ve, missed the target. He also pulled out a blow dart, which most people know what blow darts are. It is made out of a sugar cane reed and the little dart inside was made out of a thin twig with a sharp tip, and put thistleĀ on the end. You would put it inside the hollowed out sugar cane reed and blow.

Friday it was Ayan’s birthday celebration. Usually we have the Spanish restaurant but this time it was called the Indian restaurant. It was very fun ordering in Tamil. I ride with Ayan every day to school so of course I was nagging him about practicing how to say stuff and still at school nagging him. Finally I said this is the last time, until it was the last one and I actually ordered. His mom Vidya cooked the food. By the way, the she is the best cook I’ve ever met. I enjoy her food, I enjoy her company. I am glad Ayan chose for his birthday party to be an Indian restaurant. We had ice cream cake which I would normally not be allowed to eat but since it was a birthday party I ate half and a quarter of a piece. I told myself over and over again that this will be the only time in 2-4 years I will eat ice cream cake. I played my ukulele with Elisha, my ukulele teacher. By the way she is eleven. I also made two papers, one had some ukulele patterns on it like strumming patters and chords I’m learning, and the other page for songs I’m writing/a song I’m writing. I also read with Elisha and Liberty and Michael listened. The book we are reading is called Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children.


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