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Tuesday: I did the book club and we chose what book we are going to read. We decided on Bud Not Buddy and we’re doing my friend Kate’s dad’s book after that which is a mystery about two kids named Sodapop and Mystery Muffin. Also we planned more of the summer road trip. It was really fun because it brought back memories from the last road trip and Jess showed a lot of pictures from the last road trip. It brought back memories and made me kind of sad because I kind of wish it was still going on. Then I did writer’s workshop and I wrote about the Hike of Horror which happened on the last road trip. Then I did Spanish. This time it was not a Spanish market or a Spanish restaurant, but we played a game where you either wanted it, had it, or needed it. You had to say it in Spanish and draw a card with an animal on it. So you might draw a cow and say “I want the cow” in Spanish.

Wednesday: I did art with Mica and this time we did mandalas. I ended not doing something that was like a mandala, instead I did like a flower where you keep drawing petals in the openings all the way around until you finish or you want to stop. I played my ukulele and I went to the park. I also did change up. Instead of the usual change up, we went around the property where we rent space and we weeded, filled in big holes (which we had created), picked up trash, and I forgot what the other groups did.

Thursday: We went on an urban hike in uptown. We stopped at sculptures and parks and we played. And I got reacquainted with Rebecca Zeines from ALF summer.

Friday: We had cooking class. We made pasta putanesca. Melissa and Jess decided to make that because it was in the book we were reading. I thought it was really good and really salty (which makes it even better!) and it was very saucy and not as much noodley. Sometimes you have pasta that’s more noodles and not as much sauce, and I like both, but this time was more sauce. The sauce is what got all the hard work from cooking, so I’m glad it was a good sauce. Then we did clean up, then spawn, and now I am dictating and Jess is typing for my blog.

Next week I am excited to do the talent show on Friday.

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