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St. Patrick’s day blog

Monday: I was pretty empty on Moday. I did practice my gymnastics and did Zack’s around the sun. Zack’s around the sun was very fun and I think we’re getting better at being more focused.

Tuesday: We started “Bud, Not Buddy,” for book club, which was very exciting. I think the writer has a very good imagination and it’s one of those books where you can’t stop reading and we always beg for Jess to read more. I think the author really made me feel like I was there, and it was a little hard to listen to at some points because your felt like you were there feeling and listening to the things the character feels and hears. Then we did cooking. We went to Melissa’s house for this. I could tell Melissa was regretting it a little bit because it was very wild and things got spilled. It was very chaotic in a small area. But for cooking we made banana nut muffins. They were very delicious. Writer’s workshop and novel club happened.  I participated in writers workshop. It was very exciting, as usual. I started a couple of books, but didn’t finish any of them. Instead of Anatomy and Physiology, we did Alona’s around the sun.

Wednesday: I did Mica’s Art. This time we had tiles. We wrote on them with sharpie then put rubbing alcohol on them. It looks really cool. During Intermediate math, I had band tryouts. Ari had her try out for singing, Ayan tried out on flute during Algebra. We also had tech free hour, change up and gratitude circle. I felt like in change up and grat circle, everyone was much more focused than usual and that’s a good thing.

Thursday: We hiked at Reedy Creek. Sadly, Jess was sick, but thankfully Nancy was willing to take her place. It was cold, so we had to wear lots of layers. Some people didn’t prepare, but it turned out okay. Then we played at the park.

Friday: I did book club. I did Spanish. We played a game which I explained on my other blog. I also did the talent show. It was very fun and I did headstands for it. Now I’m writing my blog. This is a special blog because it’s on St. Patrick’s Day.

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